The quality of our lives are measurable by the standard of love and the extent to which we translate this sentiment into action.


verb is a collection of experience brands designed by lnl&co. to create a space for sharing our documented journey with like-minds, who are working to develop a process for living life and creating a body of work based on the values we believe in, as well as creating and taking responsibility for your influence and the impact it has on humanity.

by utilizing transparency and vulnerability as tools to protect the imagination of small-town Creative believers, we strive to uncover their latent needs, behaviors, and desires in the areas of influence, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship - and identifying new ways, rooted in practicality and principles, to serve and support them.

this is for the people about action.


wash the brain,

don’t brainwash.




The imagination is creative power. If reason changes minds; imagination changes hearts. It refuses to allow the senses to determine the limits of what is possible; it is the ability to “see” things differently than they were or to form a mental image of something not present. Both faith and fear operate in the realm of the imagination. In most cases, simply touching the imagination can inspire us with a glimpse of God’s reality, that will compel us to act.

The imagination ignites curiosity, increases courage, incites conviction and implores connection.

In a community of nurtured imaginations - things are created and problems are solved; the perception of obstacles are diminished and eliminated - assumptions challenged; A point-of-view is developed bridging the gap of separation between the mind (what we think), the body (what we experience with the senses), and the spirit (what our instincts know to be capable or true); ideas are filed by input and output, as cross-pollination of creative content has the ability to impact all of humanity.

From childhood to adulthood, we have all developed a mirror in which we see ourselves - some images and angles more tainted than others. Unfortunately, an imagination and conscience shaped generation after generation by unjust and underserving systems, isn’t going to change overnight. However, we understand transformative thinking, design and entrepreneurship to be tools that aid communities in solving socio-cultural challenges.

Our hope is that building a community amongst like-minds will being a work that transforms the hearts and minds of a country. Everything we wish we had “back then” - we become now, for the next generation; by collaborating with a clear vision, a plan of action, and relentless execution. As a result, we protect their imaginations; we protect the way they “see” themselves; we protect the way they “see” their communities; we protect the way they “see” the world.

Being is doing - and starts with thinking.