it needed to be done, so we did it.

our vision from the start has always been to redesign greeting cards with a just-right vibe. One so organic the card itself disappears into the experience and so relevant that it builds stronger relationships; with organic convo starters, that vision is now a reality.

say hello to #cardswithbenefits


Keep it 100.

WE PLACE REALITY in the words of each design, through the use of authentic language and themes that capture the complexities and commonalities of people. No exploitation. No appropriation.


For The Culture.

We intentionally represent culture through the eyes of all, by providing a diverse and inclusive selection of illustrations; various skin-tone options, facial features, hair styles and textures for every design.

Less, But Better.

No need to hide behind distracting and wordy designs. We concentrate on satisfying functional, aesthetic and psychological needs, but leave room for the user’s self-expression.


Every word counts.

we use our words wisely by speaking life and saying only the important things that need to be said. You’ll find a blank inside for crafting that keepsake-worthy “IT” factor with your own words. Use it as naturally and as often as you would a text message, while doing a whole lot more than you would with one.


Unplug and reconnect.

As technology advances, the idea of connecting has been promoted to us in tons of superficial ways. Now is the time to get intentional about cultivating memorable moments of genuine human-interaction with the people we claim to care about.

Eco-Friendly Components.

Although we concentrate on delivering the essentials, we still believe there is a social responsibility to conserve resources and minimize physical and visual pollution throughout the lifecycle of products. From the mailer packaging, to the envelope, to the cardstock and inks - we take everything into consideration.




select the perfect card to start your convo.


reflect on what you want (or need) to say.


put it down in ink. so they know it’s real.


send it in the mail or deliver it by hand.