If Not us, then who?

Augusta can only evolve and grow as much as the people who call her home - and there are more than enough of “US” willing to be the change we’ve always wanted to see.

No one else is coming to save her. We are already here. It’s you and I. Together. Us.

designed for the “us” in augusta, georgia.

building community by #protectingimaginations



build a voice around shared issues and experiences that people can understand, laugh at, and relate to. with curiosity, rooted in a desire for meaningful change, aim to discover these truths and share them with our community.


dive into the unknown. take risks. start conversations. bold action and bravery, in spite of fear are required. this courage creates clarity and balance by challenging false assumptions.



have hard conversations upfront and face-to-face, saying what you mean. owning your mistakes. pushing for what is right. it’s conviction that uncovers the value in transparency and the ability to serve others.


respect each other. believe in each other. hold it down for each other. fight for relationships every day. design and creativity are for solving problems and shaping the human experience, to create a better community for us all.